17 de jun de 2008

The revival of the Irish language


This website talks about the need of a revival of the Gaelic language and how this is connected to the nationalism that is being lost in Ireland. It tells a lit bit about the history of Ireland and aks questions to the readers in a way to create a conciouness about the lost of nationalism in Ireland.

Anglicisation and De-Anglicisation


This website talks about the revival of the Irish language, it has some statistic data about the quantity of people that spoked Irish, and also talks about the replacement of Irish language by other languages such as English.

The Gaelic Revival's Influence on the Making of the Nationalist Movement


This site talks about the Gaelic cultural revival and its part on the Nationalist movement. It tells the history of Ireland and the organizations that emerged in this movement.

Cornish Language


This website explains about the Cornish Language, and how it is being revived through the study of ancient Cornish text, and therefore being structured the roles for spelling and grammar of the language.

Cornish Language Partnership


It has a brief history of the Cornish Language. It says that in the 19 century it was believed that this language had died, but there were some records of Cornish speakers in a certain region of the sea by the Newly fisherman. Ever since the interest in study the Celtic culture, a lot of attention has being brought to the Cornish language, with many studies being developed so far.

Cornish Language


This website explains a little about the Cornish language and how it is descendent of the Celtic language. It says that this language is not dead, and there are some speakers in the region of Cornwall, it is used in some bilingual places and used by families in their everyday conversation. It says that this revival of the language started in 1970.

Our Language


This website is about the Scottish Gaelic, how it is part of Scotland’s history and culture. It shows a little about the Gaelic History and talks about how it has been revived by elementary schools, and Gaelic group players, in roads, and it even has a Gaelic Television service since 1992.

Essentialism and Relativism in Gaelic and Sorbian Language Revival Discourses


This is a paper about the how many dilemmas and conflicts experienced by Gaelic and Sorbian “revivalists” are based on a fundamental contradiction.

Irish History – Gaelic Revival


This website is about Ireland’s history and sights. In this webpage you can find some information about the Gaelic Athletic Association, which was created to promote Irish sports and Gaelic football. It was also created to revive the interest in the Gaelic language.

Gaelic Music Macmeanmna


This website is about a Scottish band whose lyrics are in Gaelic. It talks a little about the Gaelic culture, and how it has been suffering a revival, being taught in some schools, and being more studied nowadays.

16 de jun de 2008

A historical perspective on the Revival of Irish


This is an article about the revitalization of the Irish Language that has been happening since the end of the last century, and how today it has become a revival of the Irish Language.

In Scotland, a revival of the Gaelic


This website brings a report about how the Gaelic language is being recognized as an official language in Scotland. It says that the Scottish Parliament has decided to give Gaelic the same respect as English has. It has a controversy because some people want to make other languages, like Doric, as official as Gaelic language.

The Gaelic Revival in the U.S. in the XIX Century


This website is very interesting. It is about the revival of the Irish language in the United States after the Great Famine in its composition, activities and achievements.

Gaelic revival


This website talks about the Gaelic language revival, when it started and how the educational system, the government and the media are doing their share.

The voice of Gaelic learners


This website was created to promote the learning and national status of Gaelic, to disseminate information on Gaelic and Gaelic affairs and to act as the voice of Gaelic learners and non-native speakers in the world.
It has information about new methods of Gaelic teaching, links to other sites, images and news about Gaelic culture.

Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)


This site was made to preserv Gaelic language. It has links to Irish Gaelic Phrases, resources for European minority languages (written in Gaelic), information to where you can take classes of Gaelic, dictionaries, sites to learn more about the language and other sites for Irish Gaelic.

The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland


This webite talks about the necessity to lift up Irish culture, de-anglicising Ireland so that it can prosper.

The Origin of Irish Family Names


The origin and evolution of Irish names and particularly how names have changed over the centuries.

The Cornish language in education in the UK


This is a report concerning minority language education in European regions.
It consists firstly of an introduction to the region being studied, followed by six sections which deal with a specific level of the educational system. Sections eight to ten cover research, prospects and summary statistics. For detailed information and political discussions about language use at the various levels of education, the reader is referred to other sources.

Manx seek the revival of Gaelic


This link presents us with an article about the revival of Manx Gaelic language, which is beginning to be taught in all schools on the Isle of Man, and the Manx government’s attempt to prevent any further decline of the language.

Languages of the United Kingdom


In this site we can find a description regarding the languages spoken in the United Kingdom. Historical and statistic data are present as well. External links to sites and references are available.